October Review

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In July I asked, wryly, “is it October yet?

Not anymore. October 2011 has evaporated. But I was right to be excited in July about October. It was a great month. The weather was fantastic. The bike racing was intense. And the fall colors were off the charts. But now, as winter is starting to settle in, I find myself asking.. “Is it July yet?” Ah, soon enough. In the meantime, I’m going to prep my new skis for a season of backcountry exploration, dawn patrols, and white-room examination.

But back to October:

Autumn arrived, wonderfully.

Steve Jobs died. He changed my life. He probably changed yours.

Winter briefly interrupted autumn. The result was spectacular.

“Riding—any riding—creates fitness and increases skill, which in turn, makes the entire process more enjoyable. Pedal strokes, after all, are circular.”

Cyclocross is a puzzle. Just when I feel like I’ve got all the pieces together, I realize that I’ve been missing something. And so I’m forced to back up and learn a new lesson. Which is one more reason that I love ‘cross.

I’ve created a few short videos at some of the local ‘cross races. My most recent is below. The others can be found at my Vimeo channel.


And finally, one of my favorite photos from October:

wasatch fall colors

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