Human Powered

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Human Powered

Like most things these days, wilderness exploration is suffering from an abundance of ease.

The Canyonlands

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The Canyonlands

Nothing moved. No wind whispered. No critter made a sound. Silence pulsed. A pale pink encroached from the east. Sunlight peaked over the top of the mountains, brightening a labyrinth of stone and sand. Faded red outcroppings and tawny stone blocks engaged the morning light. Varnished sandstone walls glittered in the dawn. It was morning […]

Dirt Roadie

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Dirt Roadie

An ode to dirt roads

Hiking Utah’s Grand Gulch

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“Sign here. And here. And one more, here.” The Ranger smiled reluctantly. He glanced nervously at the four boys, ages 9 through 11, that we dragged into the station with us. “You watched the video already?” he asked. We had. “You remember the rules about the artifacts and the ruins?” We did. “Tie the permit to your pack. Good luck.”

LEAKED: “One Wasatch” Concept Meeting

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As you know, we are here today to discuss an old idea, one that has never been well-received by the public, and that has always failed because of the shortcomings that are baked into it. We know that it’s an idea loaded with false promises and inflated marketing hype.

Independence Weekend Photos

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A few photos from the July 4th weekend. Mostly flowers.

Why are We Sitting on This Log?

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Why are We Sitting on This Log?

George Mallory uttered the most famous words in mountaineering history 90 years ago. He was responding to a New York Times reporter who had asked him the simple, ultimate question, “Why do you want to climb Mount Everest?”

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