Yellow (A-Z Day 25)

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A-Z Day 25


The world is changing.

Trees are hastily making plans for the dormancy of winter, bracing for the gales and snows that are inevitably going to arrive. In the mountains, the evenings are darker and colder than they were just days ago. The sun is disappearing sooner and sooner. Everything that was green is turning yellow. Or orange, red, and purple.

Autumn is an excessive moment. A time of colorful spasms, a last hurrah before death engulfs the vibrancy and life of summer. After a season of green vitality the mountains are exploding in color and beauty. There is no death rattle, no lingering in limbo, and no slow painful demise. Mountains die with dignity.

Utah Autumn

Utah Autumn Elk

Utah Autumn

Utah Autumn

Utah Autumn


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