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Perhaps it ought to clue me on something obvious that so much of the gear I own are things that I hope to never have to use: avalanche beacon, shovel and probe, A SPOT messenger with 911 capabilities, an avalung, and the handgun hidden away in my bedroom closet. Not to mention bike and ski helmets, first-aid kits and a cellar full of freeze dried food.

And now, add to that list my new Road ID.

There is not really much to review about this product. It’s fairly straight forward: It contains vital identification information that others – paramedics – can use when you are unable to ID yourself. A situation I hope never to be in. But nonetheless, anything I can do to tilt the odds in my favor should such an event occur, the better. And like a beacon, the RoadID is most useful when others know you are wearing it. So, to all my ski and bike companions, I wear mine around my neck.

There are several custom options to choose from: wrist, ankle, shoe or military dog-tag. There are also a myriad of designs to choose, from scripture verses to the American flag, you are most likely going to find something that represents a little about your personality or lifestyle.

With plenty of room for phone numbers, blood type or any pertinent allergies, the RoadID will hold enough relevant information to come in very handy in an emergency, but its small and unobtrusive enough to forget you are wearing it at all. In addition, there is now an interactive option available that allows you to provide enhanced, update-able information online, which then becomes accessible to first responders either via the web or phone.

I’ve had my eye on one of these for quite some time, and was glad to finally have a chance to try one out*. I wear mine while riding my bike, skiing, and hiking. But I also find myself wearing it throughout the course of a normal day. If it can be useful on the trail, its probably useful elsewhere as well.

*In order to comply with the FCC and its obtrusive meddling, I am supposed to reveal that I was provided a RoadID at no charge, for the express purpose of reviewing it.


  1. JZ
    April 13, 2010

    Someone please tell me that we won’t have to sit through those awful Road ID commercials on versus during the Tour. The whole sit down and discuss a product like this what we do normally type marketing drives me nuts. Its like a little testimony meeting. I guess that is why the greatest invention in the world is the DVR. I have a Road ID bracelet, so I like the product, not the adds.

    Of course to properly review the product you are going to have to be knocked unconscious out on solo ride/tour and see what happens.

  2. Blackdog
    April 13, 2010

    One suggestion if you get the dog tags. Get the little plastic rings that go around the outside of the tags. Without the plastic rings the metal sticks to your chest. I am gusssing it is not a problem for the Griz but for those of us without chest hair it is annoying.

    • Grizzly Adam
      April 13, 2010

      Yeah, I’ve got those, and they are a good addition.

  3. Faceless Ghost
    April 13, 2010

    Carrying identification is a great idea. But seriously–twenty bucks? My wife bought me dog tags at the local surplus store for two dollars. And a vending machine at our grocery store offers them for about the same.

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