Ski, Then Bike Moab

Posted by on Apr 7, 2009 in Bike, Moab, Ski | No Comments

Just a few minutes after I published yesterday’s post about skiing the La Sal mountains, and then riding the slick rock of Moab I got an email from Mark proposing doing just that:

…Would head to Moab Thursday afternoon, camp Thursday night, tour Friday, join up with the party Friday night, ride White Rim Saturday, home late Saturday night. Anyone else interested?

Um… yes.

My only hesitation was that I was planning on riding the White Rim on that Friday, and then again on Saturday, like I did last year. But the prospect of skiing above the vast and empty desert is just to appealing to pass up.

When I voiced my concern to Mark about the WRx2 his answer was succinct and compelling:

Adam, put down the crack pipe!

And so, I think I will take up the Junkie on his invitation. Which means I will just have to go back to the White Rim on yet another day to time trail it.


Exit Question: What would be your ultimate outdoor day?

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