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Trail 252, aka “The South Fork of Deer Creek” is also often called, simply, “joy”. Why? Because the descent down this trail is one of the most joyful, grin-inducing, Return of the Jedi like (you know, the speeder bike scene) experiences you will ever have on a bike.

However, after the downhill there is a long, gradual climb. And it too is fantastic. Especially in October. Just ask Chris and K.C. Holley:

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  1. Karisia_Limited
    October 14, 2008

    Hi, as a racer i thought you and your readers would like to know about the the Mount Kenya 10 to 4 (10thousand feet to 4 thousand feet)
    a race in Kenya to raise money for Mount Kenya and its diverse assembly of animal life. What a great experience. I hope that you and other american riders would consider competing some day. At one place the race was shortly held up by elephants!
    One of the greatest bike experiences of my life. cheers,
    james christian
    karisia walking safaris

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