And Then it was October

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October. Time to rest, time to breathe. Time to watch the season change. October. Moab. Fall. smokey air and cloudy sunsets. Orange and red and yellow and wool. October.

I love October. I love the harvest and the cool air and the costumes hanging in the aisles of every grocery store from here to everywhere. I love the corn mazes and the bright leaves and the stark contrast between sky and cloud. Just like photography, in October the light is a little dimmer, the exposure darker, and so the colors are rich and deep and saturated. I love the baseball playoffs, Halloween and my daughters birthday.


This October also brings the inaugural Trans Utah. Friday a few hearty souls will set out on a 370 mile derangement in the mountains and deserts of southeastern Utah. And of course, I feel as if I should be there. And yet, I will not be. Not this year. But I will watch with curiosity and fascination at how each rider does over this uncharted and untamed terrain.

Best of luck to you pilgrims.

As for me, I will sit back and watch the season change. I will watch the days grow shorter and the leaves turn and die. I will ride when I can, enjoy the season when I can, and escape to the desert for that great gathering behind the rocks.


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