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I have been quiet lately. Well at least as far as this space is concerned.

I am still largely undecided about what to do in 2008. I am fine with this. I don’t want to get too wrapped up in next year just yet. For now, I am just trying to get some decent training done, while enjoying the holidays. Thanksgiving was nice. Lots of friends and family, and lots of food.

One thing that is certain for 2008 are some changes to my bike. I have gone back and forth on wether or not to switch to the Full Suspension Jersey Devil, or stick with the hardtail. Neither seem to be the wrong answer. My current thinking is that I will stay with the HT, but get a longer travel fork for it. The White Bros. 100mm comes to mind, but a Reba would work as well. Anyone have any time on a 29er White Bros. Magic?

I think I want to upgrade my shifting system, crankset, and maybe even my wheelset. Or at least have my hubs rebuilt.

And still, I ponder about swapping frames to the FS version. Long rides sound oh so smooth with 4 inches of front and rear squish.



  1. Dave Byers
    November 27, 2007

    I am a huge fan of full-squish. If I ever buy a single speed it will be a 29″ hardtail but other than that I will continue to ride 4″ FS bikes whether they are 26″ or 29″ versions. Yes, a FS bike will always be heavier but I will trade the weight for the stability over rough terrain and the comfort in a long race.

  2. Cellarrat
    November 28, 2007

    Ahhhh get rid of the hard tail and just ride the single =P

    aahhh the winter time, time to geek out on gear even more then normal =)

  3. Dave Harris
    November 28, 2007

    On the fork question – I was lucky enough to get on a Manitou Minute 29er fork (it was mounted to a Lev 29er FS SS – not a misprint!) up on Gooseberry and must say in that short 10 min ride I thought it was the nicest 29er fork I’ve ridden. No bob out of the saddle, plush where it needed to be, stiff where it needed to be. Same for the rear end for that matter but now that I’ve been SSing for a while I’m all confused and think suspension and SS don’t mix !?!

  4. Dave
    November 28, 2007

    Full suspension is pretty damn nice, especially for the longer rough stuff. I loooooovvvve the Leviathan.

  5. Adam Lisonbee
    November 28, 2007

    Anyone NOT named Dave have any thoughts?!


    OH, and to DH…you are right, SS and FS do not go together!

  6. Jeff Kerkove
    November 29, 2007

    My name is not Dave.

    Ever though about looking into a FOX 29er fork? Other than the Cannondale Lefty, FOX has been the smoothest and best fork for my racing. No issue with it either (knock on wood)

  7. the original big ring
    November 29, 2007

    I’ve been running the White 100 since May and love it. Had a about ten hour break in period in which it made some interesting noise, but I hear that’s normal. I really dig the inerita (spelling??) valve dealie – out of the saddle it hardly moves. White service is incredible to boot.

  8. Matt
    December 3, 2007

    I’ve got 2 of the WB Forks and original WB .8 and the newer WB 80mm with the Magic. I eventually had the WB .8 rebuilt and they added the Magic to that. I had previously ridden Fox Terralogic forks when I ran 26ers and was familiar with the automatic lockout forks. The Magic is pretty harsh in it’s fullest setting and now I tend to just dial out the Magic and go with a nice plush fork for climbing as well on the SS. I descend much better – it’s almost night and day – when at opposite ends of the Magic Spectrum. Dunno know what to say, but I think I’ve moved beyond the “automatic” lockout forks – did nothing but add weight to my WB .8

    As for White Brothers though, in general they are the most durable forks I’ve ever had. Foxes proved to be pieces of junk for both Jeni and I. I had good success with Marzocchi and thats what Jeni rides.

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