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It is interesting how this one evolved. I had planned on simply scouting the route, getting a feel for how long it will take, what some of the trails are like that I had not ridden yet, all that stuff. DH was going to join me. When I got word of his injuries in the B.C. Bike Race, and that he’d have to sit the ride out, I thought “well, I am going to go ride it anyway, I may as well invite whoever wants to come”.

And so the Wasatch Classic, as an event, was born. Or will be on August 4th, 4 AM.

It’s hard to pick a date for an enduro race. There are so many in the region, that no matter when you do it, it is going to step on some toes of what other people have planned. Ultimately I just chose the best date for my schedule. Next year, with a little more forward planning, I can set the event for a day that might fit better for more people.

I have gone back and forth with several different variations of the route. It would be easy to extend the now existing 140 miles to 200, 250, and beyond. But I keep coming back to my original route. I like the way it looks on the map. It has a nice blend of singletrack and fire road, and tons of great scenery. It should challenge riders as much, if not more than the KTR. the WC will have nearly 10k more climbing in the same distance.

I am excited. Hopefully a few nutjobs show up and we can have some fun on the 4th.


  1. Anonymous
    July 14, 2007

    Sounds very cool. I would join you if I wasn’t already doing a 100K trail race starting in Hobble Creek that same morning (3am).

    Sounds like the hills will be full of endurance lunatics 8/4… Have a great time and much success on the 1st annual WCR.

    Chris B.

  2. Jeff Kerkove
    July 15, 2007

    I think I am about 90% in on this one. I’ll be out there for OR in SLC that following week.

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