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The KT has a few landmark bridges to cross. The first is Salt Creek. Last year it was a huge threshold getting over that one. It is small, and unremarkable, but in context of the race, it was a giant step toward finishing.

Another one is the Dewey Bridge. It stands as the half way mark, the entrance into the mountains, and in it’s own way an obstacle to overcoming the race. It stands as an easy bail out point, a spot where friends can stand and wave, offer encouragement, and a ride into town…

The third bridge is not so obvious, but I look at the climbs in the second half of the race as bridges. Each climb leads to a new area of the course, they bridge the desert with tall mesas, or the mesas with the mountains. Eventually it leads you back into the desert, and to the finish.

So, with bridges in mind, here is the Kokopelli Trail image of the day:

I may have got schooled at 5 Mile Pass, but at least I looked good doing it 🙂

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  1. JenyJo
    May 17, 2007

    i like your thoughts on the mountains as bridges… i was thinking a similar thing the day we all rode over them and through them. thanks for sharing. see you this weekend, and enjoy your racing adventure…. Jj

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