Saint George

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The weather and the riding in Saint George was great. No wind, no clouds, 60 degrees. We rode Bear Claw Poppy Friday night, then the Jem trail, and Gooseberry Mesa on Saturday.

It was also the first real time on the Jersey Devil HT. How did it feel? Really nice. The bike felt light, compact and fast. It handled the techy stuff on Gooseberry really well, and it bombed the fast single track on the Jem. The BB sits a bit lower, so I was hitting my pedals early on, but after a few minutes I was able to adjust and have no problems.

It was a fun weekend, but it didn’t last nearly long enough. I knew I was missing the dirt, but I didn’t realize just how much I was missing it. It was so good to get out and hammer on some real trails.

Pictures coming soon hopefully.

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