Awake Again

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I took the week off. I rode once for an hour on the road with Keith. I skipped the XC race today, which I was a bit sad about. I love the course up at Solitude, but, I have long term goals in mind and indulging on some sweet singletrack was just not in the formula. It has been a good week of rest and recovery. I have spent some pool side time with the kids, did a bit of work around the house, watched some amazing World Cup soccer games (nice to watch a sport where people just flop instead of dope) and tonight had a great time at a wrap party for our latest project. Wrap parties are always fun because it is a chance to sit back and say “good job” to everyone. We don’t worry about deadlines, music scores, budgets or anything else. We eat, we joke, we pat each other on the back. Good times.

Next week I will start to reawaken the racing spirit and start spinning the cranks once again. I will most likely spend some time up in Park City riding parts of the E50 and E100 courses. Norba is coming to town, but I am opting out of the marathon on Thursday. I have waffled on that race all year long, and am deciding against it. I think instead I may do a 170 mile road ride over both the Alpine and Nebo loops on July 10th. But first we will see how this week goes.

On the 4th I am planning on doing something I have not done in years. I am going to run the Park City 5k. I used to run Cross Country in high school, so there was a time when 5ks were my life. I wonder if I can still go sub 18:00?



  1. MarkN
    July 3, 2006

    What makes you think soccer is dope free? FIFA just requested info from the folks in charge of Operation Puerto. Seeing as soccer is a sport whose governing body recently refused to be subjected to out-of-competition drug testing I wouldn’t get my hopes up that the players are all clean…

  2. Adam Lisonbee
    July 3, 2006

    At least it is a sport where we don’t here about it every day. I don’t think any sport is dope free.

  3. Utah Mnt biker
    July 3, 2006

    If your doing the 5k tomorrow look for the Bull Elk and I. Cole Sport leads out the race.

  4. Matt
    July 7, 2006

    I can relate on the running. I love it but with too many activities, there is too litle time to do them all.

    Good job on the 170-mile road ride too. I find those long road rides to also be great in getting nutrition dialed in.

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