Evening on the Road

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I had an easy spin tonight on the road bike with Keith. The last few rides I have felt pretty good. I think the stairmaster, the weight room, the trainer in the basement and all the cold outdoor rides are starting to pay off. I hope so. This weekend in Tucson will be a good indicator where my fitness level is. I am looking forward to the rush of racing, and the intensity that comes with it. I am glad to be on a 5 man team, but I am having twinges of envy when I think about those who are flying solo. No worries though. This upcoming season will provide many long hours of self-inflicted suffering on the bike. I can’t wait.

Speaking of suffering. Guitar Ted recently posted a series discussing different handlebars. His posts got me thinking (dang it!) about my current set up. I run a standard carbon riser bar with Oury grips. The setup works fine, but it is very limited on hand positions. I think that having a few options as to where to rest my hands would go a long way in arm and upper body comfort. The Jones H-bar looks interesting, but costs a lot. I stumbled on to this MTBR thread with a picture of a Titec made H-Bar alternative. It is affordable, and might be a nice bar to try out. A simple change in hand position could lead to less suffering. And less suffering is a good thing.

The Trans Iowa boys need to install one of these for riders to refill at.
Keith heads down the road

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  1. Guitar Ted
    February 14, 2006

    Adam, we just got the new Quality Bicycle Parts catalog at work yesterday and I put in an order for that Titec H-bar. There is a thread on the H-Bar on mtbr.co’s 29″er forum where there is some discussion on the merits, or lack there of, of the Titec version.

    I realize that the Titec version may not be quite ready to ship yet, but that’s okay as it’s going on my Inbred 29″er single speed build which is waiting on other parts anyway. I’ll post more on my blog when it finally comes in!

    Those guy’s on Trans Iowa will be wishing for more than a fountain to get them through, I’ll guarantee you that much!

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