Road and Dirt

Posted by on Jan 17, 2006 in Uncategorized | No Comments

I got out today for 2.5 hours of pavement pounding, mixed up by a bit of dirt on the Bonneville Shorline Trail. It was a nice bag of tricks for an afternoon ride. I felt good to. Well, the first event of the season is this Saturday. It looks like this will be a fun ride to go out and open it up a bit, see what I got in me in late January. It is the Frozen In Time mountain bike TT. It takes place up in Park City on part of the 12 Hours of Endurance loop. The snow and single track should make for a fun time in the saddle. The cold returned yesterday with some snow flurries. Today it was pretty chilly, but not to bad once the sun got going a bit in the afternoon. No wind made today’s ride quite enjoyable.

Looking west across Utah Valley. The BYU campus is in the foreground.

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