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I hit the stair master yet again today. 90 minutes up and up and up without ever getting higher. Felt good to be back in the rythm after the Holiday weekend.So now I am just enjoying some of my Grandma’s homemade vegetable and barley soup. Yum.

2006 is on my mind. I have been making a mental list of the races I would like to get to next season. Of course, There is no way I will get to all of them, but some of them are:

24 Hours in the Old Pueblo
Trans Iowa V. 2.0
The E 100 series
The Norba 24 Hour Nationals
Sleepless in the Saddle
The Brian Head Epic 100
The Leadville 100
24 Hours of Soldier Hollow
24 Hours of Moab

There are others, but those are the few that stand out. These are just the endurance races. I hope to get out to 8-10 ICS XC races next year also.

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