South Fork of Provo Canyon

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I went with Keith back up to the great trails in the South Fork of Provo Canyon this evening. The trail was in primo condition. We did one lower loop, and then one upper loop. The pace was brisk, but not to fast. I did open it up a couple times to get the blood really pumping and it felt great. Right now my legs are happier than they have been since Soldier Hollow. I saw more riders and hikers up there tonight than I have seen on those trails all year. Lots of people up there checking out the colors I guess. Keith about took out some dude that despite the 10 people he was with all seeing us coming down the trail, he somehow didnt see us….a girl pulled him out of the way as Keith screeched to a halt. As I rode by the girl says “you have to watch out, they are fast!” She knows her stuff. 😀

Someone had done some great trail building up there. They built up a bunch of gravel and then smoothed it over and lined it with rocks to create a sort of bridge over an area that is always really marshy. Today it was hardpack and fast. So who ever did that, thanks for improving the ride. The area up there is funny. Somedays the water just pours down the canyone, other times it is bone dry. Today the water was flowing nicely.

All in all another great day of fall riding. Heading back up there on Friday for the Annual Mad Dog Cycles team party. Going to most likely do a loop or two, eat some dinner with the team riders, as well as wives and kids, then possibly head out for a night loop before we pack it up. In the meantime it is going to be more training. I want to amp it up a bit this week and get in some good intense efforts. You know the kind that make your heart thump in your ears, your eyes bleed, and your legs scream. Yeah. Those kind.

Interbike is happening this week. I will be keeping an eye on people keeping an eye on the show and post links to anything interesting that comes along. For starters check out Go Clipless for some…uh…well you’ll see.

Here are some pics of Keith and I raging the single track.

Keith cranking up a short leg buster
Here I am loving the single track
Keith cruising through waist high grass in the meadow
Another leg buster climb…no sweat on the 29er 😛
Keith like nuthin over the upper loop bridge
Another great day riding in the mountains

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