Seven Hours in the Wasatch Back

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Went out this morning with Carson to explore the Wasatch Back. Our original intention was to to make our way to Soldier Hollow so we could pre-ride the race course for the upcoming 24 Hours of Soldier Hollow. After riding into Heber Valley, we realized that we had overshot Soldier Hollow, so we climbed back up to Cascade Springs road which dropped us into Soldier Hollow. But due to time, and the course being marked with invisible pink flags, we decided to connect back with Cascade Springs road and climb that all the way to the summit of the Alpine Loop, then descend back down American Fork canyon, where the truck was parked.

It was a great ride in some of Utah’s best mountain country. I felt great pretty much the entire day, with light, snappy, happy legs. I was able to really push a good cadence while clipping up these insanley long climbs at my 24 hour race pace. I think we spent about 5.5 hours climbing today. Perfect endurance builder ascents. Not to steep, relativley smooth, and long long long. When all was said and done we were spinning the cranks for 7.5 hours. I’m ready for bed. So I think that is where I will go.

I said I wanted a house with a VIEW dangit!

Carson enjoying the first sight of the sun this morning.

Me enjoying the Wasatch Back.

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