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I sat lifelessly in a chair. The commotion of the aid station surrounded me. It was vexing. All the encouragement and cheerleading. And the thick positivity. I wanted everyone to be quiet. To go away. To let me suffer in my own cocoon of self pity and forlorn disappointment. Somebody stuck an orange in my […]

Golden Windows

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Golden Windows

In January of this year I wrote: Like everyone else in the cycling world, I want to be faster in 2010 than I was in 2009. That fact is like unalienable rights – a self evident truth. And one such that motivates otherwise rational adults to pursue ad nauseum an end which can never be […]

Buffet: Park City Style

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I am spoiled. Completely and utterly and hopelessly spoiled. I have singletrack that I can ride from the front door. And when the summer temperatures are overbearing and oppressive and tyrannical, I can drive for a few minutes into the cool shade and crisp air of the mountains and ride unbelievably spectacular trails. But on […]

The Good Life

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Yeah. Life is good. Really good.


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It’s July. And that means heat. Intense, ovebearing, opressive heat. There are but 3 ways to ride a bike without completely melting into a gooey mass: 1) Ride early or ride late. 2) Ride at elevation. 3) Stay home and eat popsicles. This morning Jeff, Aaron, Keith and I opted for a combination of 1 […]

Joy (Video)

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The Dixie Lite: Gear

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A major part of completing any long bike ride is gear. Even if that gear is simply limited to the bike itself. But even then, small items like cleats or hydration packs or specific parts of the bike—shifting, wheels, suspension—can derail what is otherwise a perfectly executed ride. All the route knowledge in the world […]

Speeder Bikes

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I’ve always loved Star Wars. And really, what male, in the 29-40 age bracket hasn’t always loved Star Wars? And while I appreciate each of the 3 original films*, Return of the Jedi remains my favorite. And not just because Princess Leia spends much of the film in an amazing gold bikini. But of course, […]


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I’ve descended into gear mode. Tunnel vision. Scheming and planning and tinkering. Over the last several weeks I have debated back and forth on wether or not to ride the Dixie Lite. 160 miles of unknown, wonderful trail in a remote part of Utah. I know, what is there to debate? Turns out, a lot. […]

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