LEAKED: “One Wasatch” Concept Meeting

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As you know, we are here today to discuss an old idea, one that has never been well-received by the public, and that has always failed because of the shortcomings that are baked into it. We know that it’s an idea loaded with false promises and inflated marketing hype.

The White Rim – Again

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I’ve ridden the White Rim many times. It can be mundane. The route can be tedious. It’s always challenging. It’s just a dirt road. Dirt roads are boring. But I always return for another lap. I can’t stay away. The annual rite ushers in springtime, race season, and long dusty days chasing long dusty trails.

The Craft is Long

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The Craft is Long

“Ars longa, vita brevis.” ~Hippocrates I burrowed deep into the soft snow. Wind howled. Snow swirled. I dug my tripod into the snow until only its head was above the surface. I could see the picture I wanted to make. It was there. Right there. But shot after shot missed. “Come on!” I hissed. “Get the […]


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I’m tired. So tired, in fact, that I have been skipping cyclocross season. That makes me sad. I love ‘cross. But my mind and body are cooked. It has been a long season of mountain bike racing–one of the best I’ve ever had–and it’s time to rest. I’ve spent the last few weeks chasing elk […]

Hey Kids, Stop Having Fun!

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More people than ever are going outside to play. They have all sorts of options – running, cycling, hiking, paddling, backpacking, swimming, mountain biking, and so much more. Some of those people won’t care about the clock. Most don’t. If that’s a national crisis, then we’re doing alright here in the U.S.A.

Park City Point 2 Point Photos

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Park City Point 2 Point Photos

What’s more fun: Racing, or taking pictures of other racers? Good question.

Tubular Wheel Myths Busted

Posted by on Sep 10, 2013 in Bike | 2 Comments

Cyclocross season is here! It’s time to dust off the cowbells, find out if last year’s skinsuits still fit, and order fresh embrocation cream. It’s also time for hot laps at the park, fall colors, and waffles. Lots of waffles. Along with ‘cross season, comes the inevitable debate about tires. Which tread is best? What […]

Colorado Trail Race – Excerpt 2

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Colorado Trail Race – Excerpt 2

“Jefe doesn’t recover from racing the Colorado Trail. The Colorado Trail recovers from Jefe racing it.”

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