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Colorado Trail Race – Excerpt 2

“Jefe doesn’t recover from racing the Colorado Trail. The Colorado Trail recovers from Jefe racing it.”

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Colorado Trail

The Colorado Trail Race – Excerpt

Slowly, wheels started to roll forward. Headlamps bobbed in the morning dark. Riders rang the bells on their handlebars, a few spectators clapped and shouted. “See you in Denver!”

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CTR Gear Crunch

A summary of what worked, and what didn’t work on my thru-race of the Colorado Trail.

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CTR Impressions

My fingers aren’t working very well. My hands are still swollen like a catcher’s mitt. But I wanted to get down a few thoughts about the Colorado Trail Race before they burn away forever. I will have much, much more to write about this grand adventure, but that will have to come with time. For […]

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Colorado is Now

I go gladly, with a joyful heart, and an open mind. I will pedal with a smile, and an appetite for long views, alpine tundra, summer monsoons, and dirty velvet trails. Colorado is now.

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Independence Weekend Photos

A few photos from the July 4th weekend. Mostly flowers.

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Time to Make the Donuts

The shadows were growing longer. The dull ache in our legs had migrated to our backs, shoulders, and wrists. We were thirsty, and out of water. Far below, Highway 46 snaked into the distant horizon, and into Colorado, where it became Highway 90. We ate a modest dinner while we watched the sun splash warm light onto the warm rocks of Canyonlands. The Abajo mountains to the south were a deep blue. The peaks behind us caught the afternoon light eagerly.

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