The Avalanche of Expansion

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  For as long as I’ve been a skier (since I was a kid), there have been hushed whispers of something called The Interconnect—a large network of gondolas, lifts, and trams, that would link the Salt Lake and Park City ski areas together. On its surface, it always sounded like a great idea. “I could […]

Just Be Good

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Life delivers hard experiences. It can be wrought with pain and grief and confusion. I don’t know why people hurt each other. And I don’t know how to prevent more and future pain. I’m not really sure that that sort of thing can be prevented at all. And yet, today everyone is an expert. Everyone […]

Off-Season? What’s an Off-Season?

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Off-Season? What’s an Off-Season?

Ski touring is a simple activity: walk, ski, repeat

Life is Better Outside

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Life is Better Outside

Henry David Thoreau went into the woods to “front only the essential facts of life.” What then are the essential facts of life? I imagine they are a little different for each of us. But in the mountains, those differences melt into the lucid, uncomplicated reality of survival. Food, shelter, safety. Even in short bursts of outdoor […]

Welcome Back Winter

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Welcome Back Winter

The never-winter is over. Pacific storms moved into Utah last week and dropped more than 40 inches of snow in the upper reaches of Little Cottonwood Canyon. The rapid arrival of new snow has turned the backcountry into an avalanche haven. The weak, persistent layer that formed in October is collapsing under the weight of […]

What Now?

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What Now?

I’m happy to announce that Mythical and Tangible: Tales of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Singletrack is now available in the Amazon Kindle store. I’ve just had the laziest 5 days of my life. I watched a lot of football. I ate some pie. I wore pajamas and slippers. It was… magnificent. And now I am ready […]

Photo of the Week (Week 21)

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Photo of the Week for Week 21.

Photo of the Week (Week 15)

Posted by on Apr 15, 2011 in Photos, Ski | No Comments

Photo of the Week for Week 15.

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