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The 2011 Crusher in the Tushars is history. What a day!

My Crusher Bike

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My bike for the 2011 Crusher in the Tushars.

Sideline Observations (PC50)

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I volunteered as a course marshal at the USCS PC50 on Saturday. It was a lot of fun. I enjoyed watching the race unfold from a few different spots on course, and especially enjoyed seeing everyone ride hard through difficult terrain. As someone who is normally racing, the different perspective was motivating and inspirational. A few observations: […]

Process and Results

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Process and Results

We all do it. Scheme. Plot. Plan. Project. We set goals for our races. Finish under 9 hours. Top 10. Podium. Win. And then on race day, when an untimely mechanical failure or stomach issue or mental funk hits us square in the face, we are forced to watch in horror as our sub-9 pace […]

Everything I Know About the Crusher

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Everything I know about the Crusher in the Tushar.

Wanna Go Faster?

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I was pretty fit in 2002. I raced sport in the Intermountain Cup series. I won a race. And I finished on the podium a lot. I even won the overall series for my age group. The next season, I moved up to the expert group. The races were 30% longer. The field deeper. And […]

A Podium Finish?

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I don’t remember the last time I stood on the podium. I’ve tried. But I can’t. And given that I can’t even remember the moment (assuming it ever happend at all), I don’t see any point in trying to siphon through results from the last several years to find out. But yesterday, at the Stan Crane Memorial mountain bike race, I climbed up on the box.

Looking for Breakthrough

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  Every season I have a breakthrough result. That moment where training and strategy and fitness all collide. It’s the physical manifestation of an “aha! moment”. Sometimes, it’s more significant than others. But it happens. Every year. The only question is when? Which isn’t to say that every year I become a contender. Or even fast or […]

I’m Grizzly, and I’m a Zero

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I’m Grizzly, and I’m a Zero

My name is Grizzly Adam, and I’m a Zero.

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