From the Archives (2/19/09)

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The following post originally appeared February 19, 2009. I found the above photo in the Library of Congress archives. I tinted, burned, dodged, and cleaned it up a little. There seem to be precious few public photos of the now¬†destroyed Dewey Bridge. But I’d guess that there are albums and film rolls stashed in attics […]

2010 Favorites (Part 6)

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Another photo from the White Rim. The famous Shafer Switchbacks.

2010 Favorites (Part 5)

Posted by on Dec 22, 2010 in Bike, Moab, Photos | 3 Comments

There were few days in 2010 better than the one I spent on the White Rim. The photo below is one of my favorites from that trip. The enormity, and the vast and remote nature of the canyon lands is manifest stark, and obvious. I don’t know that I could ever grow tired of the […]

How To: Return to the Office

Posted by on Oct 13, 2010 in Bike, How To, Moab | 8 Comments

We’ve all had to return to work after a great weekend of racing or riding. And we’ve all had a coworker ask that inevitable question: “How was your weekend? ” After a brief pause, as you try and determine the best way to answer the question, and upon realizing that there is no possible way […]

The 24 Hours of Moab: Impressions

Posted by on Oct 11, 2010 in Bike, Moab, Races | 4 Comments

Some things never change. The 24 Hours of Moab is one of them. Of course, there are subtle variances of minutia and nuance. In the weather. In the field. But those fade into the background of what is, and has been for 16 years, a gathering of enthusiastic, high-spirited people who love mountain bikes, the […]

Twenty 4 Moab Twenty 10

Posted by on Oct 8, 2010 in Bike, FridayHaiku, Moab | No Comments

It is that time now. Sand and rock. Fantastic day. Three cheers for Moab.

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