2017 Tour Divide Gear List

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There’s an old saying that is attributed to Mark Twain that goes something like this: “If you don’t like the weather… wait ten minutes.”

True enough. (But what if I like the weather?) The weather changes on a whim. Rain. Sunshine. Rain again. Warm. Cold. Warm again. It’s well known that the weather is fickle.

But there is something even more fickle. Something more apt to change without warning, and impossible to predict.

The Tour Divide racer’s gear list.

The quest for the perfect gear list – that is, the perfect gear – is a¬†fool’s errand. Nevertheless, we embark. My bikepacking list has evolved. Each event or training ride raises the need to change this thing, and tweak that other thing. Why is that a fool’s errand? Because good enough is good enough – and nothing is ever good enough.

I will be in Banff on June 9, 2017 to start the Tour Divide. And this is what I will have with me – unless I bring something different.


Frame 2016 Salsa Cutthroat (M)
Rims Nox Composite Skyline 29 (32 spoke)
Hubs DT Swiss 240s
Crank SRAM 1×11
Chainring SRAM 34t
Cassette eThirteen 9×46
Brakes SRAM Rival
Fork Lauf Trail 29
Sleep System
Quilt/Bag Enlightened Equipment Enigma (40)
Bivy Borah Snowyside
Pad ThermaRest NeoAir (S)
Pillow Sea2Summit Aeros
Down Coat Montbell Anorak
Frame Broad Fork Bags custom
Top Tube Broad Fork Bags custom
Top Tube Broad Fork Bags custom
Handlebar Broad Fork Bags custom
Handlebar 2x Revelate Feedbag
Seat Oveja Negra Gearjammer
SS jersey
Bib shorts
Sleeveless baselayer
Cycling cap
Wool beanie
Riding gloves
Rain gloves
Arm warmers
Knee warmers
Sun sleeves
1x wool socks
1x compression socks
Eye glasses (prescription transition)
Gore Active One jacket
Borah Gear WeatherTek pants
Water-proof socks
2x tubes
Crank Bros. multi-tool
Mini Leatherman tool
2x 11spd master chain links
2x brake pads
2x Co2
Tire boots
Patch kit
Tire plugs
Derailleur hanger
Cleat bolts/cleats
Rotor bolts
2x valve stem
2x spokes
Zip ties
Duct tape
Mini pump
Chain lube
GPS Garmin eTrex 30
Maps ACA GDMBR – (digitized on phone)
Helmet Fenix e15
Handlebar Fenix e35U
Taillight PT Swerve
3L MSR Hydromedary bladder
1x standard cycling bottle
Sawyer mini filter
Spot locator
First aid kit
Cash/credit card/ID
Phone iPhone 7+
Batteries (AA, AAA, CR123A)
Chamois cream
Dehydrated towels
Lip balm
Toilet paper
Power bank/charger
Bear spray


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