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Off-Season? What’s an Off-Season?

‘Cross season has ended here in Utah. Ski season is just beginning.

Walking through the snowy mountains and huffing and puffing through the cold is a laborious, yet, welcome effort. No number plates. No clock. No entry fee. Just the mountain and the snow. Ski touring is a simple activity: walk, ski, repeat. Of course, it entails a little more than that, but not much.

Cold Tree

And now begins the off-season. Whatever that means.

Racing is easy. Staying fit during the winter is not. But I live in Utah, which means I can ride on the road all year. I can ski every day if I want to. And desert dirt is short a car-ride away. I have no excuses! But before I spend too much time worrying about lean body mass or daily calorie deficits, I’m going to keep things simple: walk, ski, repeat.

Off-season? Pffft.

Tele skier

Grizzly Gulch

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  1. Beautiful pics. Love ‘em.