Fall and ‘Cross

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I’ve been busy.

There’s a lot going on right now.

Cyclocross season is underway, which is fantastic. I love ‘cross. I love the racing, the culture, the smells—waffles and coffee, wet grass, embrocation. I love watching people suffer for the love of the game. It doesn’t matter which flight someone is racing in, or how ‘fast’ anyone is going, everybody is out there hurting. Unless they aren’t. Some of the racers are just having a good time riding in circles on silly bikes and on nutty courses. Either way, there are a lot of smiles, grimaces, and high-fives.

Autumn has exploded. The Wasatch mountains are alive with gold and orange and red. It’s beautiful. I can’t spend enough time in the mountains. But the time I have spent has been well-appreciated. Wether riding singletrack, chasing colors, sneaking up on elk, or all three, I’ve had a wonderful fall in the mountains.

There is change in the air. I hope it’s for the good.

But for now, It’s time to get back into the rhythm of filling this space. I’ve been shooting more than I’ve been typing. I have over 1,000 images to sift through from the last couple of weeks. I’m sure (I hope I’m sure) that there are a few keepers buried among the trash, I just need to find them.

And speaking of pictures: The annual Cross Out Cancer fundraiser is happening right now. I will donate 100% (that’s right, I keep none of the profit) of the proceeds from every print sold to Cross Out Cancer. Buy a picture, and help cross out cancer. Not a bad deal, is it?

Go pick out a print. Cure cancer. Save the world.

Autumn in Utah


1 Comment

  1. Paul Zimmerman
    October 3, 2012

    Wow, they are all amazing. The question is which one or which ones?

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