Terminal (A-Z Day 20)

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The mountain bike racing season is over. For me, anyway. And not a moment too soon. I’m tired. But 2012 was a good year. It started with a 50 mile race, and it ended Saturday with another 50 miler. I only wish I could have finished my final race the way I started it. Instead, I faded over the last 10 miles on Saturday. “Faded” is putting it kindly. It was an implosion, really. But that’s racing.

Oh, and speaking of racing, that’s far from being finished.

Mountain bike season is over. But cyclocross is right around the corner.

And that has me very excited.

Cowbells, waffles, and cold autumn days.

Rain, mud, and snow.

Barriers, sandpits, run-ups, wet grass, and 185 beats per minute.

‘Cross is here.

At last.

Utah Cyclocross

Photo by Christopher See



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