Patience (A-Z Day 16)

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A-Z Day 16


Fitness is a process.

A long, slow, agonizing process.

The quest for fitness is ongoing, eternal. And once achieved, it is fleeting and temporary.

Fitness requires enormous patience, a relentless work ethic, and pinpoint tunnel-vision.

I have none of these things, and therefore, very little fitness.

But I do like to ride my bike.

And one of the best things about riding a bike is being fit. Maybe not race-fit, but certainly normal-fit.

I am going to try and learn how to be patient, to work harder, and to be more focused. But I’m also just going to keep riding my bike.

Which is really the only thing we can do.

The best training plan, the most cutting edge diet, and the lightest carbon fiber won’t do any of us any good without the requisite pedaling.

So pedal. Damn it.

UTCX 2011

1 Comment

  1. Michael
    September 11, 2012

    Well said…

    I will only add… “and race cross”

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