Kilojoules (A-Z Day 11)

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A-Z Day 11

P = g m V_g (K_1+s) + K_2 V_a^2 V_g


Say what?

I’ve spent the better part of 2012 trying to understand how to train effectively with a power meter. In school, I was never any good in math, physics, or anything else remotely scientific*. And so, the learning curve has been steep. I’ve been going slowly (on and off the bike), trying to grasp the different concepts and ideas behind power training.

*Unless ditching class is ‘scientific’?

What have I learned so far?

Nothing very encouraging.

That is, my lifetime spent in the middle of the pack has had little to do with tire pressure, my bike, or how well-trained I’ve been. I’ve been a mid-pack bike racer because my power output is mid-pack power. Or worse.

But that can improve. Right?

It’s not entirely gloomy. I am learning where and when I am strong, or weak. And I’m starting to figure out how to recognize those moments on the road (or trail). Knowledge really is power. So far, my ride data is just numbers and squiggly lines. But every time I upload a new ride, and stare at those numbers and squiggly lines, they become more and more clear.

I’m still not sure what everything really means, but one message has been obvious from the beginning:

Try harder.

That’s easy.

Now, if only I can learn to try smarter, I just might make something of myself.

Power Data





  1. Jonnie J
    September 4, 2012

    What kind of power meter did you get? I’ve been wanting one for several years but haven’t been willing to plunk down the $$.

    • Grizzly Adam
      September 4, 2012

      I have a PowerTap hub with a Mavic OpenPro rim. I bought it last Christmas when Competitive Cyclist had ’em for 50% off.

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