2012 Tour of Utah (Part 1)

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Tour of Utah 2012

Johann Tschopp (BMC) in Yellow, en route to winning the 2012 Tour of Utah.

The 2012 Tour of Utah is over. I enjoyed chasing the madness. It’s always inspiring to see what high-caliber riders can do to our local roads. Inspiring, and depressing. Alas, that’s racing. There’s always someone faster. A lot faster. But nevertheless, having pro racing here has been really enjoyable. And I’m left feeling motivated to improve. To ride a little farther. A little harder.

Sunday’s Stage 6 was a brutal way to finish the tour. The Pine Creek Canyon/Empire Pass climb is utterly ridiculous. The back half of the field looked like I do after a long day in the saddle; eyes were glazed over, pedal strokes were chunky, and pain dripped from the faces of riders. But the riders at the front looked entirely different. Even among the world’s best, there are those who are going to be faster, lighter, better.

I’ll have more to say (and a few more pictures) about the Tour of Utah tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m going to go ride my bike, and try (in vain) to be as fast as the riders in the tour are.

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