No. 157

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Sometimes, the best thing to do is ride. And then ride a little more.


Singletrack demands focus. Watch the scenery, and you’ll end up wrapped around a tree.

Maybe there is a metaphor in there someplace. But singletrack is just singletrack. At least that’s all it was last night. But that was enough. It had been too long since I had ridden the trails in American Fork Canyon, and so there I went. Somehow I had the place all to myself. In two hours of riding, I saw just 3 other people, and that wasn’t until the very end of my ride. How often does that happen? Not very.

Trail 157 was one of the first places I rode a mountain bike. I’ve been riding that trail now for almost 20 years. And it’s just as fun now as it’s ever been. Even if we have to share it with horses and motos. I can only hope that 20 years from now, I’ll still be riding The Ridge, and that it will still be the classic trail that it is today.

Ridge Trail 157

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