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What now?

I had looked forward to July 14 and July 21 for months. And now those days—those bike races—are done. I have just one other race planned this season, the finale of the Race USCS series, the Draper Fall Classic in September. But other than that? Nothing.

There are events I could do. And maybe I will sign up for one or two of them. But right now I’m content to simply rest. Late July and August are always times of fatigue for me. The dog days. And so, I’m going to lay low for a little while and recalibrate. Rest. And get ready for cyclocross season.

That’s right. ‘Cross is almost here.

But until then, lazy evenings in the mountains will have to do.

Summer storm



  1. Brandon
    July 26, 2012

    Relaxing, social mtb rides in the late summer and fall are what I look forward to every year.

  2. Jonnie J
    July 27, 2012

    What is this relaxing riding you speak of? I’ve never been on one of those with either of you. However we should get the night races fired back up again.

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