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Crusher Tires. Time to Panic?

The Crusher is a month away. I’m excited. I’ve written extensively about the race, so it’s no secret that I’m a big fan of the event. One of the reasons that the Crusher demands my attention is the wide array of possible equipment combinations that are viable for race day. But one question underlies everything else: which tire? Whether you end up on a mountain bike, ‘cross bike, or something in-between, the tires you choose will be a significant factor on race day.

I really don’t know which tire is best for the Crusher. I recommend riding the tire you’ve already picked out. Don’t second guess your choice. Mount them up, and pedal! But if you are still tryiing to decide on which rubber to use, keep reading. Otherwise, you may just want to spend some time watching the progress of the Tour Divide riders.

A few choices:

Bontrager XR-1 Team 
29 x 1.9
120 TPI
MSRP: $65





Kenda Happy Medium
29 x 2.1
120 TPI
MSRP: $45

CX Version
700 x 32/35/40
120 TPI
386g (35)



Kenda Small Block Eight
29 x 1.9
120 TPI
MSRP: $38

CX Version
700 x 32/35
120 TPI
350g (35)

NoTubes Raven
29 x 2.0
120 TPI
MSRP: $72

CX Version
700 x 35
120 TPI
MSRP: $61


Clement X’plor MSO
700 x 40
60/120 TPI
MSRP: $55/80




Well, that’s a start. There are others. I am going to use (unless I don’t) the NoTubes Raven ‘cross. I like the tires, I’ve used them in the past, and I have had good luck on them. The only thing that might prevent me from using them is not having them at all. I’m impatiently waiting their arrival. My second choice? I don’t have one. But the Clement MSO has been highly reviewed, as has the Small Block Eight.

Whether you’ve picked out a tire or not, don’t panic. Any tire will do, so long as the legs are ready. Which is why I need to worry less about my tires, and more about my legs. Or, in the words of Mark, “I’m a lot less worried about the tires than the motor. Seems to be running a little rough, fuel mix probably too rich.”

And unlike tire choices, getting the motor running smoothly is a simple process. Simple. But painful.

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6 Responses to “Crusher Tires. Time to Panic?”

  1. Rico says:

    Specialized Renegade 29 x 1.8

  2. mtbykn says:

    Kenda Small Block Eight, great urban/light trail tires. Very little wear after a lot of use as well,

  3. bart says:

    Tires won’t make a bit of difference in this race. The climbing is everything. But if your ravens don’t show up in time let me know I have some in the box.

  4. Your Dukeness says:

    Rallied the SmallBlocks last year – and they didn’t make the vert go all “escalator” or anything, but the mirage of a icey beer.

    Trying out the WTB Nano this year:
    same weight +/- 590g

  5. tim says:

    I’m going with furious freds – if they show up in time.