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I’m happy to announce that Mythical and Tangible: Tales of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Singletrack is now available in the Amazon Kindle store.

I’ve just had the laziest 5 days of my life.

I watched a lot of football. I ate some pie. I wore pajamas and slippers.

It was… magnificent.

And now I am ready to finish the ‘cross season, and segue into skiing. Except… the snow isn’t falling. What snow there is, is old and crumbled and thin. For many skiers that is enough. But I value my knees. And my skis. And so, I’ll wait until the barely hidden rocks and logs are buried. I might be waiting a long time. According to the UAC, the weather will be “dry through the weekend… and through mid month, though it will possibly be punctuated with a few grazing, weak systems.”

If current trends continue, we may be looking at another 2009-2010 winter in the Wasatch. That’s not a good thing. A thin and weak snowpack plagued skiers the entire season. Avalanches were omnipresent. It was a record setting year. And not in the celebratory way, either.

In other words: Pray for snow.

Lots of snow.

backcountry skiing

And in the meantime?

Bike riding. ‘Cross racing. The cursed gym. Maybe even a little running. (gasp!)

Or better yet, the desert. Desert singletrack. Slickrock. Dust and dirt. Sunshine. Heat.

camp lynda 2011




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