Out For Delivery

Posted by on Jun 22, 2011 in Bike | 2 Comments

One of my favorite status updates is the package tracking “Out for delivery”. Especially when the truck is bringing me some anticipated piece of gear. Out for delivery means that the item is all but in my hands. Nothing beats coming home from work to a box on the porch.

My training has gone very well over the last 6 weeks. I’m in good form. Right now I’m fantastically tired. It’s that thoroughly worn out kind of fatigue. The kind that comes from hard work. It isn’t the over-trained, over-extended fatigue that makes one crabby and sore. No, this feels really satisfying. I’ve earned the rest week I’ve been enjoying.

In other words…

My fitness for the Crusher is out for delivery.

It’s on schedule. On the truck. Impending.

I just need to make sure the driver of the truck doesn’t fall asleep at the wheel on the home stretch.

skyline drive



  1. mark
    June 22, 2011

    As a cyclist, before every event you’re supposed to lament about fatigue or the nagging injury or the extra kilos you haven’t been able to lose that will keep you from having a good result.

    Then, if you do actually get a good result, you’re supposed to talk about how you got lucky being in that break or owe it to the hard work of your teammates, or, perhaps, how after spending a mere 127 hours analyzing tire choices, those you finally settled on ended up being perfect and making all the difference.

    • Grizzly Adam
      June 22, 2011

      I never was any good at cards.

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