How To: Get Climbing Legs

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How do you become a better climber?



Oh. Not so easy.

Nevertheless, it can be an enjoyable process. Especially so when the climb is 3,000 vertical of smooth, winding, dirt road. Skyline Drive. And so we climbed. And climbed. Until the snows of winter, which have long overstayed their welcome, prevented us from continuing higher, and farther. But there was an obvious, if not so glamourous work-around: Hill repeats.

Skyline Drive, Utah

But at least the views were… adequate.

Skyline Drive, Utah

Up. Down. And then up again.

Eric found the effort to his liking:

Skyline Drive, Utah

As did Gordon:

Skyline Drive, Utah

Under any other circumstances, Skyline Drive would be stellar. But that each of us were there to imitate the effort of, and test gear for, the Crusher, the workout was superlative. Today my legs are dull and achey. But happy. And hungry for more. My high-speed ‘cross descending skills are better. If only marginally. But my braking doubts are gone. The CX-9 Mini V’s eliminated those. Which bike? ‘Cross. Which tires? Ask me later.

I can only hope that the bulldozer that was busily shoving snow around, will help the sun in its effort to melt away the massive wall of white. On Skyline Drive, but also in the Tushars. Maybe all the Crusher racers can pool some¬†cash¬†together, and rent a ‘dozer?

Skyline Drive, Utah

Searching for your climbing legs?

Look up.

Skyline Drive, Utah

1 Comment

  1. evilbanks
    June 14, 2011

    Good times man…………let’s make it happen again.

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