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Posted by on May 18, 2011 in Bike, Races | 4 Comments

soldier hollow xc


Every season I have a breakthrough result.

That moment where training and strategy and fitness all collide. It’s the physical manifestation of an “aha! moment”.

Sometimes, it’s more significant than others. But it happens. Every year. The only question is when? Which isn’t to say that every year I become a contender. Or even fast or fit. Breakthrough is all very subjective, and based only on my own fitness and abilities.  Last year it came at the Stan Crane Memorial XC race. On Memorial Day. After that race, I was… better. And that lasted throughout most of the summer.

This year?

I’m still looking.

Under rocks, around corners, even behind the couch.

The rain and the clouds and the mud are doing their part to keep that result hidden in the fog.

But I’ll keep looking.

It’s there. Fleeting and fleeing. But it is there. Someplace.


Nagging in the back of my head is the fear that 2011 will not bring any of those breakthrough moments. That I will spend all season chasing that which cannot be caught. Of course, there isn’t any way to really know whether or not that will happen. And so… go look. Go chase. Pedal. And then pedal more.

Because, pedaling itself, is a rather enjoyable endeavor.

Now, if only the weather would break long enough for some prolonged, consistent, and high(er) altitude pedaling.

Exit Question: What were some of your breakthrough performances?



  1. eric
    May 18, 2011

    i’ve had only one. the rest always feel like I’ve eaten too many twinkies (which surely I have…i just can’t help myself).

    The Moab Red Hot 55K this past February. I never really hit rock bottom. Felt strong the whole day and surprisingly stronger towards the end.

    Alas – since then, I have felt the breakthrough flee.

    The weather isn’t helping.

  2. Nate
    May 18, 2011

    Mine was last Saturday at Soldier Hollow. Funny how the body is because prior to the race I was worried I would repeat my five mile pass performance (DNF). After all these years doing this stuff, I can only say one thing for certain-the body is unpredictable. I wish I could breakthrough into understanding this…and our weather lately.

  3. mark
    May 18, 2011

    Little Mountain road race was it for me last year. Still looking this year. Still looking for a breakthrough performance in ‘cross, and I’m looking forward to that one more than about anything else. I suspect both this year’s breakthrough on the road and my ‘cross breakthrough are a long way off if they’re going to happen at all.

  4. Brandon
    May 18, 2011

    1st Night Race World Champion.

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