April Review

Posted by on May 3, 2011 in Bike | No Comments

April was an odd month for me. Instead of skiing, like I should have been, I got involved in all sorts of inanity.

I tried running.

I tried veganism.

And I quit mountain biking.

And then I failed at veganism.

Like I said. Weird month.

But my Freedom and Wilderness post sparked a good conversation. And the brats at RAWROD were as good as ever. Oh, and speaking of the White Rim…

How to Ride the White Rim in a Day.

Jill articulated, quite well, the virtues (and the vices?) of riding a singlespeed.

Fatty’s energy bar wrapper manifesto.

Burning matches.

It’s springtime. But I’m already getting excited for ‘cross.

beer boiled brats

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