March Review

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A look at March 2011:

lone peak

Old Guys Defy Gravity.

Race Report: ICUP #1 Redrock Rampage.

Wherein I choose the gym over skiing. A trend that continues.

My book is nearly finished. In fact, it is very close now. A little more proofreading and layout work is all that is left.

Daren and I conquered the Crow’s Foot.

An Open Letter to Gro Promotions.

And some of my favorite posts from around the web:

Fatty’s Inferno . Read all 5 parts, the payoff is brilliant.

Jeff Higham’s True Grit 50 report.

Dave and Lynda bikepack the Black Canyon Trail.

29er vs. 26er. Still?

A little libertarian soapboxing (for Bob): The endless work of government.

And finally, Mike C’s (the best bike documentarian among us?) Coconino tour:



  1. mark
    April 5, 2011

    The 26er v. 29er article is spot-on in its analysis. The debate still rages for multiple reasons, which are well articulated in that article.

    • Grizzly Adam
      April 5, 2011

      True. I think that the debate has (mostly) moved on from the early days of “kids bikes” vs. “grown up bikes”. I switched to a 26er FS bike last year, and really liked it. But I switched back to a 29er HT because it fit my needs better. Both were great bikes. FS and 29ers are still not a great combo, but neither are 26ers and HT’s.

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