February Review

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February has come and gone. Spring is coming. Below are some highlights from the month:

Skiing No Name Bowl in Little Cottonwood Canyon.

Skinning is not a crime. Roland Fleck was arrested at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for skinning uphill. The entire affair sparked a lively discussion in the backcountry ski community.

The new GrizzlyAdam.net.

An Open Letter to Race Promoters.

Photos from the Pioneer Yurt. And more photos from the Pioneer Yurt.

And from around the web:

Dug lambasts a pretentious Vegan runner named Scott. A hilarious, scathing read. “And I wonder: any time any stranger makes any joke, do you jump on them and tell them why that joke doesn’t save the world? Because — and you may want to sit down for this — jokes don’t usually save the world or otherwise erase the severity of any situation.”

Fatty’s Meat-ergy Bars.

Jill tackles the Susitna 100.

12 Great Mountain Bike Photos.

Another story of conflict between ski resorts and backcountry skiers.

And  finally, the obligatory photo of the month:

Little Cottonwood Canyon


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