January Review

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January 2011 is history. Below are some highlights from this blog, and others from around the net.

New Year’s Day offered up the best skiing of the month. Auld Lang Syne.

My annual Favorite Things post.

Blogging? What for?

Skiing Pink Pine under the shadow of the Pfeifferhorn.

Avalanches—literal, and otherwise—are a part of life. Backcountry skiing is metaphor. Underlying everything we do, everywhere we go, there is risk and danger. Indeed, at times that danger lies under our very feet. But we hike, and we ski. We learn and discover and, with the help of others, overcome tragedy and mishap and unfortunate series of events. We unify.And rescue one another from the cold, indifferent snow. We look in the mirror, introspective and thoughtful. We self-correct and take further steps, however small, down that rugged path of improvement and enlightenment. We must. As the historian B.H. Roberts said, “progress or perish.”

Living in Paradise.

Camp Lynda in Pictures.

And from the blogosphere:

Dave C. reviews the Marquette backcountry ski.

Dave B. fights The Man.

Mike C. and the Iditarod.

Parsing Floyd Landis. “Since changing his story, cycling fans and the media have seized upon his story as either the raving of a lunatic or the smoking gun necessary to bring down Big Tex. What’s amazing is how often I encounter people who didn’t believe he was innocent when he first tested positive and yet don’t believe him now that he has confessed to doping. Which is it, people? It can’t be both.”

Eszter was abducted by aliens.

An Ode to Reed and Benson.

Lastly, a favorite photo:

The Pfeifferhorn

The Pfeifferhorn

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