Camp Lynda (Photos)

Posted by on Jan 31, 2011 in Bike, Photos, St. George | One Comment
Camp Lynda (Photos)

Words are still gestating. But the experience at Camp Lynda 2011 was unsurprisingly excellent. See for yourself: Tomorrow? More pictures. More words.

Canon PowerShot S95 Review

Posted by on Jan 26, 2011 in Photos | 15 Comments

A note about this review: This is not going to be a technical analysis of the S95’s inner workings or an in-depth look at its features (for that, click here). Rather, this review will be done in the context of why I bought the camera in the first place: As a high-quality, portable substitute/companion for my DSLR […]

Outdoor Retailer 2011

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I went to the Outdoor Retailer trade show in Salt Lake City. And I saw a lot of gear. Including: Touring skis. Skate skis. Wool. A lot of wool. And alpacas. No. Really. Touring boots. More skis. And then more skis after that. A giant floating mammoth. Elaborately decorated booths. Oh. And more skis. And… this […]

Living in Paradise

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Living in Paradise

“Yesterday was one of those days you’re glad to be alive and living in paradise.” So wrote Bruce Tremper in the Friday morning avalanche advisory. And frankly, he understated the brilliance and unmitigated beauty of the day. Indeed, I have never seen a morning as bright, clear, and breathtakingly wonderful as I did Thursday, January […]

From the Archives (2/19/09)

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The following post originally appeared February 19, 2009. I found the above photo in the Library of Congress archives. I tinted, burned, dodged, and cleaned it up a little. There seem to be precious few public photos of the now destroyed Dewey Bridge. But I’d guess that there are albums and film rolls stashed in attics […]


Posted by on Jan 17, 2011 in Outdoor | 3 Comments

The book project is coming together. Slowly. And I can’t exactly expect anything other than that. I’ve never been able to devote anything more than spare time to it, and so it’s often put off for another day. I need a deadline. Alas, the writing itself still needs work as well. Editing. Rewriting. And that pesky eventuality of an […]

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