2010 Favorites (Part 3)

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One of the great days of 2010 happend up on the Pfeifferhorn. High winds, solid snow, and an iconic line. It was, without a doubt, a day to remember.

2010 Favorites (Part 2)

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Another favorite from 2010, The Dixie Lite. Lynda Wallenfels rides on the Chimney Rock trail near Hatch, Utah:

2010 Favorites (Part 1)

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Over the next several weeks I’ll be posting some of my favorite photos from the past year of riding, skiing, and picture taking. It’s an idea I am shamelessly lifting from the excellent GnatLikes blog. Up first is one of my favorite angles on Mt. Timpanogos, taken from the Ridge Trail 157 in American Fork Canyon:

SnowCross (UTCX 9)

Posted by on Dec 1, 2010 in Bike, Races | One Comment

I spent Saturday morning waffling back and forth about racing my bike. It was cold outside. Really cold. And snowy. I was worn out from the previous day of ski touring. And frankly, after two-weeks of no racing and very little training, was feeling rather indifferent about my bike. And so I debated myself: Yes. […]

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