White Friday

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Few days carry more hype than Black Friday. And few days inspire more irrational, frenzied behavior either. That normal, logical adults are willing to fight crowds, stuffy big box stores, and enraged gift-hunting mothers in the dead of night is remarkable. And inexplicable. Even my own wife, who is normally calm, collected, and immune to the lure of cheap toys and door-buster nonsense was up at 3:00 AM to brave the chaos. She returned a few hours later, empty handed and resigned to the idea of shopping for gifts on the other 364 days of the year.

Yes, Black Friday is overrated. Ridiculous. Absurd.*

On the other hand, White Friday was anything but. While shoppers stumbled home in a florescent-bulb-induced hangover, heavy laden with buttermilk pancakes from IHOP, I skied fantastic Utah powder. And despite my touring legs still being lost somewhere in between ‘cross barriers and couch surfing, I enjoyed immensely my inaugural tour of the 2010/11 ski season. Even with the glassy slick skin track. After all, every step of every hike is always worth the effort if the turns that follow are soft, creamy, white smoke. Right?

*Although I do know a few folks who rather enjoy the Black Friday madness.

Returning to the snowy mountains after a summer of singletrack is a realization that winter is really, truly here. To stay. Until late April. And unless you are still mired in the one-dimensional idea of the “off-season”,  that could be an enormously irritating thought. However, if you have seen the light—as I finally did—and have forgotten any traditional nonsense about indoor, cross, or base training, then you—like me—are staring at the next five pages of the calendar with hope and optimism. As I’ve said before… every season is the “A” season.

Maybe there are a few people who found great deals on great items Friday. And maybe this Christmas season they will get, or give, that perfect gift. Maybe. But more than likely, Black Friday will be remembered as a headache and nausea inducing debacle. Broken toys, under-appreciated gadgets, ill-fitting clothes.

Black Friday?

No thanks.

Give me White Friday. Any day of the week.


  1. Jonnie J
    November 29, 2010

    Good times. Sorry I missed out on the festivities. Tomorrow?

  2. Jesse
    November 29, 2010

    You guys (fatty’s posse) are killing me – recovery from a mountain bike wreck means I can’t so much as go tubing this year. Can’t wait til next winter!

    The photos are phenomenal though, thank you!

  3. john U
    November 29, 2010

    Great pics wish I was skiing with ya.

  4. Rick S.
    November 29, 2010

    3 big climbs that day. I was glad I ate like a pig the day before.

  5. Jon
    November 29, 2010

    Is this really what it’s like up there? We got lik a foot of snow and a two-day power out on Monday the 21st.

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