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Jeremy Collins through the barriers at the first running of Clammy Cross.


  1. mark
    November 22, 2010

    Those are some scary barriers. Fabric wrapped around steel? Would hate to get a foot caught in that.

    • KanyonKris
      November 22, 2010

      The original plan was for iron spikes.

    • Grizzly Adam
      November 22, 2010

      I know they tripped up at least one rider. They are taller than the UTCX barriers as well. Good course though. I think the racers liked it quite a bit.

  2. Ned Connell
    November 22, 2010

    Hey Adam – your old Ramble Tamble always managed to carry me to victory in all my mtb races this year – at least in age-group races. When I raced against the young guys in the SS division the results were less spectacular. I was actually winning one SS race but lost count of my laps and did an extra one and still was 5th – key thing remember to stop at the end!

    I have been following your cross reporting this season. My season ended early unfortunately – to much work on the weekends. You know you pray for success but aren’t ready for it when it falls upon you. One thing that I do want to pass along after seeing your cross photos is that many guys in the New England series are switching to flat bars – mostly for financial and weight reasons. You can get a set of carbon flat bars and a set of “thumbie” shifters for less than $150 compared to $350 for a good set of brifters. Also, with flat bars and thumbies you even save around 1 pound of weight over brifters. However, with flat bars on a cross bike you are likely to need a much longer stem to get in a reasonably low position. And unless you are leading a race – you are always able to tuck in behind someone and eliminate any extra wind resistance. I tried a flat bar setup on my cross bike and felt much more comfortable and able to curve turns better. I am definitely sticking with flat bars.

    check out the video youtube of the 1997 Cross Worlds – Thomas “Fishstick” gets second on flat bars.

    • Grizzly Adam
      November 22, 2010


      Glad to hear the Ramble Tamble is treating you well. A few riders out here race on flat bars and/or modified MTBs. I’ve wondered if I’d be more comfortable with flats, although I’m starting to get the feel for the drop bars I’ve got… something to look into. Thanks!

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