UTCX 3 (Photos)

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  1. mark
    October 18, 2010

    Pics are nice–more fun with the iPhone? If (when?) you get the new Canon, are you going to post some unaltered pics that showcase your skills with exposure* and composition?

    *As if the 5D won’t do this for you. I used to pretend to try to adjust my exposure for lighting conditions, but that was back when I was shooting Velvia 50 (poorly) and trying to be a hobbyist photographer. Now I just put my point and shoot in idiot mode and look at the LCD after. The auto exposure on my $200 canon point and shoot is better than my Nikon SLR I bought in 2003.

    • Grizzly Adam
      October 18, 2010

      These were taken with the iPhone Hipstamatic app, which randomly (or manually, if you want) processes the pictures to imitate old toy cameras, based on the film and lens settings within the app. The problem with the app, is that it’s a ton of fun to use. Which means I end up overusing it. At the same time, I think the look and feel of these shots fit well with the venue. The fairgrounds seem to ooze “old and dated.”

      I need to bring my DSLR out and have some fun with it at some of the CX races (i plan to ski with it a whole lot more this season) The iPhone has sort of made me lazy. Not sure on the 5D. I need to sell my video camera first.

      • mark
        October 19, 2010

        You’re right–that venue was best shot with an instamatic. Preferably on 110 film, but if that’s not available, the Hipstamatic app is probably the next best thing.

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