It’s Here: 24 Hours of Moab

Posted by on Oct 6, 2010 in Bike, Moab | No Comments

With so much focus and attention on the ‘cross bike, I’d nearly forgotten that the 24 Hours of Moab was creeping up on me. In fact, it’s here. Saturday. And I find myself reflecting back on the 2010 mountain bike race season. A season that I approached with wild ambitions, and far-seeing optimism. And a season that, in many respects, surpassed those ambitions. 2010 was—and continues to be—a good year.

The 24 Hours of Moab is always a fitting end. It reminds each of us why we originally started riding and racing our bikes. That, despite our power meters and heart rate monitors and training schedules, we all do this for the simple, unmitigated joy of it all. We ride because riding itself is worthy of our time and effort and amusement. Racing is frosting. Or Icing. And racing is exactly what we’ll be doing in Moab this weekend.

After all, we—my teammates and I—have a non-national championship title to defend.

Moab, Utah

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