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I’ve descended into gear mode. Tunnel vision. Scheming and planning and tinkering.

Over the last several weeks I have debated back and forth on wether or not to ride the Dixie Lite. 160 miles of unknown, wonderful trail in a remote part of Utah. I know, what is there to debate? Turns out, a lot. But the nagging, lingering tug that keeps telling me that “now is as good a time as ever” to plunge into the world of bikepacking simply won’t go away. And so, that debate continues, albeit without quite as much passion and fire. I think I’ve made up my mind. Indeed, it seemed a natural decision—or rather an evolution. I found myself digging through gear, scouring forums and maps, and attaching different bags to different parts of the bike. In the middle of doing all that, I realized—with a streak of terror—that I was in. Or all but. And really, why not?

“You are crazy!”

“Am I?”


“I’ve been backpacking all my life. Now, I’ll do it with a bike.”


Perhaps. But then, again… I’ve backpacked since I was a kid. And on the trips I’ve done since I started mountain biking, I’ve always thought that “this would be better on a bike.” Backpacking + Mountain biking = Bikepacking. Peanut butter and Jelly. Right?

But in the meantime, I’ve got a race to race.

And as soon as that is done, it’ll be back to the war-room. And the maps and the checklists and the test rides.

Which reminds me: anyone want to go bike-camping Friday night?

1 Comment

  1. Carney
    June 16, 2010

    Not need to fret – my theory on fast packing, either by bike or on foot, is that under preparation is a good thing. Stressing for weeks or months over what to take and which zip ties are lighter takes away from the whole experience of getting out and covering some serious ground with everything on your back/bike. The wost thing that can happen if you either pack too heavy or forget something is you will travel slightly slower or you’ll have to learn a way to go with whatever it is you forgot to pack. The views and feeling are what count, not the 0.002 gram spoon you’re packing.

    Have a good ride, really wish I was joining everybody on this one!!

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