Riding. Still.

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June 2008 What then is there to do when the snows of winter linger in the void? Ride a bike, of course. The long weekend of football, food, and singletrack was a most welcome deep breath of fresh air. The nuttiness of the American holiday frenzy has begun, and will be largely ignored by me […]

Give Thanks

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Happy Thanksgiving.

Back Then

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Friday Weigh In: 173 lbs. One of the most nerve racking moments of my first day backcountry skiing was the first transition from skinning to skiing. I fumbled around with my pack, bindings, gloves – I even took my skis off – before I actually figured out the best and fastest way to peel off […]

Borrowed Time

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The lunch rides continue. And while riding the local trail network well into December is not uncommon, it is unusual to have so many people enthusiastically gathering to ride on a daily basis. I can’t be sure if it is the prospect of taking a prolonged, outdoor lunch and consequently missing a little of that […]

The Coming Storm

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The avalanche reports from the UAC are coming more frequently. Which can only mean one thing: Ski season is nearly here. And while the coverage is not quite there yet, it will be soon. Another solid storm or two and the backcountry is going to be busier than the resorts. In the meantime I am […]

Going Down

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It’s mid November again. Which means that it’s time to focus (again) on either maintaining summer weight and fitness, or losing a bit of autumn girth. Last November I weighed in at 189 pounds – the heaviest I have ever been. Today I am tipping the scale at 174. It was a solid summer of […]

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