Global Rides – Review

Posted by on Jul 29, 2009 in Bike | No Comments

There are those days, we all dread them, fear them, detest them. Indoor days. Over the years I have learned to look with unequaled disdain at my trainer. But luckily, living here in Utah I have discovered ways to pass through the winter with minimum trainer time. However, there are those days when, as a last resort that sorry stationary is called into duty, and I find myself looking for ways to help distract me from the very fact that I am pedaling – and not moving.

One such way are the Global Rides DVD series. These DVDs are designed to take you out of your basement and out onto the road. Filmed from a riders point of view, and accompanied by an optional coach, the Global Rides DVDs can be used as simply as a visual distraction, or as specifically as a planned workout.

I have only ridden one of the Hawaii DVDs, the Maui Rollers, and I am (sort of) anxious to try the other two videos in the box set. I only say “sort of” because, well, I am enjoying the summer and singletrack right now. Riding the trainer seems a far off and dreadful proposition. However, when that inevitability arrives, I know that at least for a moment, I will be able to escape the concrete walls of the basement.

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